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O blog do Mau Feitio

Aqui sinto-me em casa. E de que falamos na nossa casa com quem nos faz sentir bem? Sobre tudo!

O blog do Mau Feitio

Aqui sinto-me em casa. E de que falamos na nossa casa com quem nos faz sentir bem? Sobre tudo!

We were happy and we didn’t knew

When we was together we wanted to give up
These days, after leaving, we wish to go back
But, it’s not possible anymore
Because, life run’s and the world turns around.
These days, we don’t belong to each other anymore.
When we were happy, we thought we were sad.
Happiness is present but many times, it’s stopped for pain
And this pain trespass us and torment us.
I miss the old times!
Do you miss to suffer?
I was there.
Now, I am away from you.
Even knowing that don’t exist pain bigger than being away from you, when I was close.
Even if pain break my heart,
It was not important
Because, it’s better to be close to you even if being away from you.

Meu mimo

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Levo-te para todo o lado. Vais comigo como se eu te carregasse ao colo. Ao colo, não. Mas ao peito, sim. Ainda continuas cá, meu mimo. Insistes em não sair de cá de dentro. O que devo fazer? Nada. Queres saber a verdade? Ainda não saíste porque ainda não te quis tirar. Quem abre a porta sou eu. Achas o quê? Malandro! Até agora, não encontrei nada para pôr no teu lugar, assim que encontrar arranco-te de uma só vez! Por enquanto, tens a missão de me aquecer o comboio de corda por tempo indeterminado. Senão... a corda congela com tanto frio e o comboio trava, e depois?! Não! Ficas aí! Quando tiveres de sair, eu digo-te. 

I'll take you everywhere. You go with me like I'm carrying you on my lap.
Not at my lap. But in the chest, yes. You're still here, my sweet.
You insist on not getting out of here. What should I do? Anything.
Do you want to know the truth? You have not left because you have not wanted to take it yet.
Who opens the door is me. You think what?  
So far, I have not found anything to put in your place, as soon as I find it I'll rip you off at once!
For now, you have the task of heating the rope train indefinitely.
Otherwise ... the rope freezes with so much cold and the train crashes, and then ?!
No! You stay there! When you have to leave, I'll tell you.

List of faults

Hi, people!

Today, I will make a list of my faults. 💣 But, don’t be afraid of me. I am a good person! 😊

Let’s do it:

Resentful (resentful is an understatement. Someone can made a mistake with me 7 years ago but I still feel that and I can’t forgive their mistake. I know that I also commit mistakes,some of them unforgivable, but at the same way I don’t hope for the forgiveness of the others, (I apolizige for my mistakes but I don't hope for the forgiveness) I don’t forgive too, even if that become in the most small andhateful person in the world);

Repeating myself;


I have a horrible bad temper;




I am not nervous, I WAS BORN NERVOUS!


Angry (in this case, I like to be angry, because at least I stir something and I think that it’s important, but I disagree with some reasons because people calls me angry);

Impatient (It’s also relative);



Individualist (For me, this isnot a fault);




Sometimes, I hope to receive the same that I give from people, but, the most of times, I broke my face.

When I like someone, I give everything what I have: all my love, my attention, my friendly side, my dedication, but if I understand some character default from people to me or if people don’t want to be with me anymore and they don’t say that to me, I become so angry that I wish to never see them again in my entire life!

Ok, guys. There they are, my faults, my grey side. I know that the most part of people don’t believe that. But, you can believe. I have all these faults and maybe more. I am not an angel and I never said that.

Bye 💋👄❤

Happiness is a dream that I realize everyday.

We are not confident and positive everyday but we are always happy. Ithink people say ‘’nobody is happy everyday’’ because they associate thehappiness is to be happy and smiling all the time. But happiness don't means that.Happiness resides in the little moments of our day, it means, a dinner with ourfamily, a good conversation with friends, a genuine kiss of a child, aunexpected gift from who we like or simply the homecoming after a long day ofwork and find the family or just his belongings and our space and take a timefor rest.
There’s no need much to be happy. Happiness is small and also feel needto be alone, to be sad, to cry for after be happy. In my opinion, this is areason because exist much people sad and depressed walking around the world,they are disappointed with his own illusion about happiness and what is to behappy. Happiness happen constantly and the mostly of the world don’t see that.When something or someone get a real and unexpected smile from you, that ishappiness. When someone give you a nice squeezy hug, that is happiness. Whensomeone say to you ‘’I like you. Do you know that?’’, that is happiness. Whenyour friend says ‘’YOU ARE DUMB, BUT YOU ARE THE BEST!’’, that is happiness.When you arrive home and your pet is waiting for you, that is happiness. When achild comes running to your lap, that is happiness. When you wake up and youhave a reason for get out of bed, that is happiness. When you are yourself anddo what you like to do, that is happiness. Happiness don’t born ready, it´s notperfect and complete either and it’s not the same all the time. Happiness ismade for us, create and fueled for us. For each one for us. Happiness isvarious points of light what we caught. When someone ask me what happiness isfor me, I answer happiness is a dream that I realize everyday. Simply.

My cats ❤

Hi everyone,
Today, I tried to write in english for the first time on the blog. I choosed something basic, simple and easy like my cats.
I am grateful to a friend of mine for the help. I wish that you would like to know my four cats.

Today, I woke up at 5.40 a.m because one of my cats went to the door of my room to call me. I love so much all my cats: the duquesa,burguês, marquês and the baby tika. My mother told me that when I’m not at home, burguês enters the house searching for me and when I arrive from work, Icall for all of them and they come running to me. They eat at least 4 times a day. Burguês is the brother of marquês, but he is more mature than marquês. Every single morning, burguês enters the house searching for me so I can give  him my attention, I give kisses and hugs and I do tickles on his belly. Marquês can sleep more than 15 hours a day without eat and then in the night, sleep again more 15 hours. Duquesa was founded by my father at 10 months ago and stayed with us until now. She was already mother of 6 babies, we gave all, less tika, I love her. She is so little and cute! She sleeps everyday in the chair of the living room or in the sofa. Sometimes she goes to my parents bedroom or to mine and stays in my lap for hours. I wish she can stay with us forever.

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