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O blog do Mau Feitio

Aqui sinto-me em casa. E de que falamos na nossa casa com quem nos faz sentir bem? Sobre tudo!

O blog do Mau Feitio

Aqui sinto-me em casa. E de que falamos na nossa casa com quem nos faz sentir bem? Sobre tudo!

Happiness is a dream that I realize everyday.

We are not confident and positive everyday but we are always happy. Ithink people say ‘’nobody is happy everyday’’ because they associate thehappiness is to be happy and smiling all the time. But happiness don't means that.Happiness resides in the little moments of our day, it means, a dinner with ourfamily, a good conversation with friends, a genuine kiss of a child, aunexpected gift from who we like or simply the homecoming after a long day ofwork and find the family or just his belongings and our space and take a timefor rest.
There’s no need much to be happy. Happiness is small and also feel needto be alone, to be sad, to cry for after be happy. In my opinion, this is areason because exist much people sad and depressed walking around the world,they are disappointed with his own illusion about happiness and what is to behappy. Happiness happen constantly and the mostly of the world don’t see that.When something or someone get a real and unexpected smile from you, that ishappiness. When someone give you a nice squeezy hug, that is happiness. Whensomeone say to you ‘’I like you. Do you know that?’’, that is happiness. Whenyour friend says ‘’YOU ARE DUMB, BUT YOU ARE THE BEST!’’, that is happiness.When you arrive home and your pet is waiting for you, that is happiness. When achild comes running to your lap, that is happiness. When you wake up and youhave a reason for get out of bed, that is happiness. When you are yourself anddo what you like to do, that is happiness. Happiness don’t born ready, it´s notperfect and complete either and it’s not the same all the time. Happiness ismade for us, create and fueled for us. For each one for us. Happiness isvarious points of light what we caught. When someone ask me what happiness isfor me, I answer happiness is a dream that I realize everyday. Simply.

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